Kitchen Renovation Contractors Tomball TX

Kitchen Renovation Contractors Tomball TX

Kitchen Renovation Contractors

Your locally owned kitchen remodeling and construction experts

Did you know that a quality kitchen remodel can increase the value and livability of your home?
If you are planning a kitchen remodel - call the expert contractors at Partners in renovation! We're a remodeling company that serves Tomball, Tx, and we specialize in jobs involving home remodeling and kitchen remodeling.
We can take your kitchen down to the studs and completely redesign your space to make it more functional. No matter the scale or scope of your project, we can be of service to you! Allow us to create your dream kitchen with either a few adjustments or a full-scale remodel.

Skilled craftsmen in Tomball Tx

Our team provides all the needed services for your home remodeling or kitchen remodeling project from start to finish. From Flooring installation to electrical work and appliance installation, we've got you covered throughout the entire process with craftsmanship, integrity, and customer satisfaction as our focus.
The team at Partners In Renovation are true professionals, and we take great care to make your dream come true. Our remodeling contractors are efficient with communication and will focus on getting your remodel job completed on time and within budget.
We are insured, and we employ a quality staff of people with experience that we trust to work on your home.

Let's meet and discuss your project!

Our team is honest, hard-working, and focused on our customers having a positive experience. We'd love to sit down with you and discuss your vision and expectations for your house and how we can make your dream a reality. Our friendly staff can work around almost any schedule, and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as offer you a free consultation and a free estimate.

  • Each project gets a tailored schedule, so that you are always aware of what is coming next, and the project moves along seamlessly during your remodel eliminating multiple "dead days or weeks"
  • We educate you throughout the project so we can foresee potential issues before they occur
  • Details, Details, Details: we double check all work done by our subs to ensure you receive the quality we would expect in our house

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Customization at your fingertips

We can customize any aspect of your new kitchen and use a local interior design firm to assist with design and decor as needed.
With a complete kitchen remodel, we often reconfigure the space you have and transform it into the space you need. We can design anything you'd like within that space - such as a more open concept or a new pantry designed just for your family. Once the configuration is chosen, you can choose all the finishing touches such as cabinetry, countertops, backsplash, floors, and appliances.

Home improvement with lighting

Another place you get to make choices is with the lighting. Kitchen lighting can really make or break a space. We have many options to choose from with lightings - such as can lights, pendant lights, and even lights on top of the cabinets. Any of these options can help achieve the illumination that you prefer.

Our Suppliers

Our Suppliers

We have several high-quality vendors we work closely with that give discounted pricing for our projects. These suppliers offer everything from tile, plumbing supplies, countertops, and even appliances offered and discount rates. Many of these suppliers have showrooms that you can visit to choose the materials from so you can see what you like best!
Once all the material selections have been made for your kitchen remodel, you can sit back and relax - let our construction team get to work making your dream kitchen become a reality!
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Wilton Park Home Remodel

New countertops, backsplash, plumbing, hardware, and paint.

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