Patio Cover Contractors Tomball TX

Patio Cover Contractors Tomball TX

Patio cover contractors

Patio cover contractors Tomball Texas

Industry-leading 10-year warranty, that's how much we believe in our craftsmanship and stand by our work now and in the years to come

The Partners in Renovation building team is skilled at creating beautiful and functional covered patios tailored specifically to your home and needs. Our contractors offer various patio covers and designs that can accommodate outdoor kitchens, backyard seating, pool decks, shade from the Texas sun, privacy from your neighbors, and really any specification to suit your lifestyle.
We provide architect-produced construction drawings of your patio, which will include elevation drawings for visual depiction and approval, as well as drawings with construction specifications so you know just what to expect.

For our interested clients, we are happy to recommend design firms that provide and interior and exterior decorating and design services to make your outdoor space perfect. 
Our process is flexible and budget-friendly, and we also offer financing options. We employ a knowledgeable staff that we know you'll enjoy working with, so contact us today to discuss details or for a free estimate. Our awesome team is full of great ideas, and we're ready to work with you to create the perfect patio cover for your backyard.

Project Showcase
Gleannloch Farms

Cedar v-groove, outdoor kitchen, vaulted ceiling, and stone columns

Professional patio cover designs

Professional patio cover designs with safety in mind

Not only are we concerned with your patio covers appearances, but we also build with your family's safety in mind. We will build your custom structure to the current International Residential Code for high wind and hurricane standards from the ground up.
The weather here in Texas can be harsh at times; we want you to know that we take your patio cover design seriously and build it to withstand even severe weather.

Engineered with quality

When installing your covered patio, posts will be anchored into concrete piers or beams. All of our framing beams are sized and specified by a registered civil & structural engineer for proper load capabilities and are tied and strapped to supporting posts per the International Residential Code specifications.
Rafters are also tied to the top wall plate and strapped across the top of the ridge for maximum wind protection. We always use top-of-the-line materials that are sized and specified by an engineer.

Concrete Installation

Often patio cover projects may require some concrete installation or extension of current patios. Our concrete patios will always be reinforced with steel rebar on any additions or extensions. All of our concrete slab extensions will be drilled and pinned to existing concrete slabs, providing stability in relation to those existing foundations.

Quality you can trust here in Tomball Tx.

When you make the required material selections for your concrete patio and patio cover, we will provide you with a preferred supplier list to ensure that you receive our discounted price on these items. All of the exterior materials we use ensure your outdoor experience for you and your family will always be optimal.
We perform all of the work on your custom patio cover project, such as electrical work, plumbing, and HVAC work will always be completed by licensed and insured technicians.
Partners in Renovation LLC is fully insured, including general liability and worker’s compensation for our employees. We warranty our work against defects in craftsmanship for 5 years. You can trust that we are providing quality service, and we're looking out for your best interest.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens with all the bells and whistles

If you are looking to extend your living and cooking space into the beautiful outdoors - How about building a beautiful outdoor kitchen in your new patio cover!
Create the look you desire by using different textures such as stones, bricks, granite, poured concrete, or tile. The possibilities are endless! Built into your new cooking space are your new stainless steel appliances, BBQ grill, refrigerator, ice maker, sink with faucet, trash drawer, storage spaces, and there it is a gorgeous addition to your home!
Adding this exquisite outdoor living space can also give you a substantial return on your investment. All for you and your family to enjoy!

A Covered Patio Created with you in mind.

When you hire Partners in Renovation, you'll know that your custom patio cover job will be done correctly and last for generations to come! Our company has been performing residential remodeling services, including porch and patio covers, for over 30 years in the Tomball, Tx area. Call us today to schedule a time to discuss your project - we're excited to make your home improvement dreams come to life!

  • Reliable: we show up when we say we are
  • We communicate daily to make sure everything is going as you planned or address any issues/concerns you may have
  • We educate you throughout the project so we can foresee potential issues before they occur

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